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Final Regular Season Coaches Poll

(Ninja, little help with the formatting here.)

End of Regular Season Rankings:

    Team              Points  LW Record

1 Pittsburgh (10) 417 1 14-0
2 American (7) 408 2 14-0
3 Virginia Tech 388 5 13-1
4 Villanova 375 3 13-1
5 Maryland 348 4 12-2
6 Minnesota 337 6 13-1
7 Ohio 311 7 12-2
8 James Madison 301 10 11-3
9 Wake Forest 300 8 11-3
10 Penn State 254 13 10-4
11 Michigan 247 9 10-4
12 Auburn 230 15 10-4
13 Richmond 226 12 11-3
14 Texas A&M 183 16 10-4
15 William and Mary 167 11 9-5
16 Florida 151 14 9-4*
17 Michigan State 145 18 9-5
18 West Virginia 133 19 9-5
19 Vanderbilt 118 21 10-4
20 Boston College 95 17 8-5*
21 Navy 94 24 9-5
22 Notre Dame 80 NR 9-5
23 Virginia 77 20 8-5*
24 Texas 75 22 8-6
25 Arizona 23 23 8-6

*Last night’s game not included.

Dropped from Rankings (previously): North Carolina (25)

Also Receiving Votes:

North Carolina 19; Tufts 9; Emory 5; Indiana 4; Syracuse 2; Stanford 1; Ohio State 1; Duke 1

Weekly Watch: Wrap-up Edition

With nothing left to preview, it’s just tying up some loose ends here on the (regular) season that was.

Unfeated/Undefeated Watch: Congratulations to Pittsburgh and American for running the table this year to matching 14-0 records. There were notably also two teams with only one loss by one run. So close.
And remarkably, there are no unfeateds this year. Every team tasted victory at least once, and the last by a hair leading to…

Story Time: The scene is Ohio State vs. Dayton on a hot Saturday afternoon. Dayton goes up by one in a back and forth game going into the bottom of the 7th against the 0-13 Buckeyes, who have one last chance to dodge the dreaded 0-fer. The bottom of the order and just in to the top loads up the bases. Then the tying run comes across with one out. The crowd leans forward in near anticipation. Bases still loaded – winning run at third – and a clean single gets laced into left. The crowd erupts. The winning run crosses the plate, and the runner on second is only a few steps behind crossing home in an emphatic safeguard in case the lead runner had spontaneously combusted. But the darndest thing is happening off at third base where the runner from first is sliding into third – and there’s a throw! He’s hustling! And they’re trying to throw out the third winning run at third base! Luckily the throw skipped away and the runner was awarded home posthumously. But congratulations Buckeyes because at least one of those counted, and you’ve hit the left column.

Surprises (the good ones):
Minnesota: A walk-off homer away from going undefeated in your rookie season and champions of a division with some heavy hitters. Congratulations. Now brace yourself when those teams you snuck past suddenly look better when that easy out isn’t batting 16th.
Vanderbilt: Say what you will about their schedule (and go ahead, say it), but it’s tough to win 10 games. Nice work.
Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Tulane: each get multiple wins.

Surprises (slides and down years):
West Virginia: Not impressive since Memorial Day. Your shortstop hasn’t been hurt that long.
Indiana: Tougher season than last year’s 14-0, but we still won’t leave you for dead in the tournament.
Syracuse: Wow, we should rename this the Syracuse category. Coming off a season with a seed in the teens for last year’s tourney, they’re looking at a high 50s/ low 60s for this year. If they get the band back together in time, they could make a two-loss team just slightly nervous.

- Mark Zedella (Xavier)
- Robert Deal (Arizona State)
- Rob Obstgarten (Maryland)

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Re: Final Regular Season Coaches Poll

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all your work on the coaches poll this year!
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